China Telecom plans to CDMA subscribers exceeded 100 million

Editor:浙江同梦通讯科技有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-10-29 

Yesterday, China Telecom expressed the hope that in 2010 the number of users for the development goals to break 100 million, at the same time to promote the development of the terminal industry. If this development plan, China Telecom Development Goals means that users will be a full year in advance.

In fact, to successfully achieve this goal is not easy. According to the number of users listed companies China Telecom (00728.HK) released by the end of 2009, CDMA users of China Telecom's total of 56.09 million, of which the year 2009, 28.18 million new users. This figure more than doubled the number of users of China Telecom took over the C network time.

If you want to achieve by the end of subscribers exceeded 100 million, China Telecom needs a new development in this year of about 45 million. 100 million users is nearly four times the number of users in October 2008 when China Telecom just took over the C network, is nearly 2 times the number of users at the end of 2009. If this goal is completed, it will enable China Telecom became the world's largest CDMA operator.

According to data released by China Telecom, China Telecom 2009 CDMA terminal operators socialization proportion of 72%, compared with 18% at the beginning of a 54 percent increase; terminals sold more than 30 million, an increase of 315%.

Before that, China Mobile has announced that 2011 will be completed in 2010 the network planning, the network construction schedule two years to complete three years, until 2010, TD networks cover all cities in the country. Some media said that China Mobile has said it will be completed before the 2011 target users in 2010, that in 2011 the development of TD 50 million users, but China Mobile has denied this claim.

At present, China Mobile has more than 500 million 2G users, and 5.51 million TD users, China Unicom has 145 million 2G subscribers and 2.74 million 3G users at the end of this year if China Telecom successfully achieve their goals, will firmly occupy the Chinese mobile market place.