Huawei Technology City proposed follow-up: the transformation

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HC communication network: to Huawei to build cities, the value of it?

    As Huawei Longgang, Shenzhen, and the country's flag enterprise, from the strength and influence of speaking, its not a bad idea to build the city. However, Huawei is a very controversial business, the lack of concern for employees, this seems insufficient to enable Huawei to achieve the desired height. Huawei to build the city necessary? I do not know how you look.

    Yesterday, Longgang District, "two sessions" held public participation in politics through various means. Especially after the media reports, "the Longgang Huawei will build a city," the topic in Austria a stir online. Netizens on the "worthwhile Huawei to build a city", "Huawei's Metro will not be fooled," it was discussed. In this connection, the newspaper also carried out field investigations.

    Huawei employees not Sakata consumption

    Mr. Zhang has been working for more than three years in Huawei. After several years of hard work, he bought a house in Baoan Longhua, take the bus to work every day. Yesterday lunch time, Mr. Zhang left the company came close to Horseshoe Mountain old villages, it was he first arrived in Shenzhen shelter.

    "You see, this is our company's environment, and the environment near the big difference." Huawei's standing in the doorway, pointing to the company straight road, green stretches of grass and trees, but also pointed to the nearby old villages, while proud of Mr. Zhang, while feeling helpless. Huawei, the "garden-style business" precisely located in the old village among the group, "differentiated" Here truly reflected.

    Huawei's headquarters from the south gate out, along the way to go marry first few minutes, you can see the Horseshoe mountain of old left. And two other villages are not consistent, dense buildings, dirty streets, small vendors, Shaxian snacks, snacks Mala Tang and other places. By contrast, all the way across the Baicaoyuan, clean, neat, the atmosphere, it is the headquarters of Huawei staff quarters.

    "I lived for a year in the old village, feel the environment is very poor, then four or five hundred dollars per month." Zhang said, generally live in the old village of Huawei's new employees or workers in the grassroots, many people here as temporary The appendage of the. Baicaoyuan quarters because of supply and demand imbalance, employees have to queue very long to check in.

    Zhang said, they are generally in the company cafeteria, large gatherings select to the SAR, "in Sakata, whether to eat or play, can not find a good place."

    In fact, Huawei surrounding dirty and messy problem has existed for many years. Reporters noted that since 2005 there have been municipal leaders to study here, and propose various solutions, such as strengthening security management, open up the broken end road, install the probe, lighting and so on. But so far, the problem has not been fundamentally resolved.

    Sakata Buji PK former wins

    Longgang District, the proposed "Huawei Technology City" concept building, precisely the issues raised by Mr. Zhang, "the essay." Recently, Longgang District secretary Jiang Zunyu after the investigation surrounding environment Sakata said Huawei surrounding external environment and urban planning are too diverse, Longgang District, will start as soon as possible to the periphery of the overall change for Huawei plans to build Huawei Technology City.

    If this vision can be achieved, after the transformation of the Area will become the commercial, cultural and life service base, and the emergence of an international large warehouse-style retail stores and institutional members supporting the high-end hotels and entertainment facilities. Some media reports even said, will be built GEM companies have headquarters in the region, it will have a four-star hotel is about 5, and a number of large commercial complex project.

    "What is the fundamental problem is? Is the demolition." Shenzhen City, Urban Planning and Architectural Design Co., Ltd., director of transportation Chengle Bing he said sharply. Cheng Yuebing first corrected "as saying Huawei to build a city," he says precisely that there should be "Sakata use Huawei's advantages of urban renewal."

    Chengle Bing believes Huawei Metro construction is necessary. Because urban renewal Sakata been relatively slow, both Huawei surrounding environment, supporting, or road traffic, there are many defects, restricted the development of the film area. "Now the transformation, either for enterprises to provide a better environment for the development of Longgang is also significant." Now not only can not Longgang hardware facilities compared with the SAR, with Baoan than there are gaps. "There are more than 800 square kilometers of Longgang sites, not all of a sudden all the updates, so concentrate on the first one or two patches transformation, as a model is very important. And that is to be selected Huawei Phuket Town, to see a government."

    Huawei Metro can come true?

    Huawei's base at the periphery of the city has such as Vanke, Japan- Taiwan and other new district, there is an ulterior motive to industry insiders have begun to discuss the uplift of the surrounding real estate, "Huawei Metro." But the owners were skeptical. Vanke City one owner in the forum post: "Huawei Metro involving the demolition, road construction and a series of problems, became very worried and finally you see five, and Fudge Avenue, said so many years was broken end, what you want to build a new town. There are so easy? "

    From the map, Huawei surrounding broken road a lot, in addition to high-speed exit Huawei Huawei employees to Merlin off only one exit, is Bell Road and Banxuegang Avenue intersection, the brother reflected here often plug. Five open air and road remained "Yingxiongqiduan", a large building was blocked on the broken end has parked a lot of buses, "If this road opened up, we Huawei employees to Merlin off on more than a way out." Zhang Mr. said.

    Cheng Yuebing think, after all, is in Sakata SAR, urban renewal efforts compare the SAR. Build a new town, get through and break end, these problems are related to the demolition, which is the interests of urban renewal and residential demand caused by unequal, "and now some demolition projects within the region to achieve a breakthrough, it is because there is a market effect, the villagers think favorably demolition to be made, it works more smoothly. "

    Huawei Technology City expansion nearly twice

    District Office Director Liu Dongsong city changed in response to Huawei City project, said the report to Xu Qin week

    Huawei Technologies city originally planned to transform eight kilometers surrounding areas, the current range has been expanded to 22 square kilometers, nearly twice the capacity expansion. Longgang District and Urban Planning and Land Commission are joining forces to do this project, will be Deputy Mayor Xu Qin report this week. Yesterday, Longgang District, asked CPPCC National Chengchi meeting, Longgang District, the city changed to director Liu Dongsong said that this year will start "making the city plan", the first is the transformation Gangtou Area and Kyrgyzstan Area.

    Liu Dongsong said Huawei Technology City to achieve a number of purposes, not only to preparedness to meet the business needs of industrial development through land, but also to increase living within 22 square kilometers of the production of public facilities construction, improve the quality of life of the whole area. Report of Longgang District, Mayor Zhang prepared government proposed to the "Shenzhen Urban Renewal measures" introduced as an opportunity to co-ordinate the development of the surrounding Huawei built-up area of 22 square kilometers, start year old Gang prime area to change, to create a new Huawei Technology City.

    In fact, back in 2007, it was suggested on the network, outside the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, Shekou, there is a need to pay attention, but the place was not being taken seriously, is Sakata (Banxuegang). Huawei alone already has 5 million people, covering nearly 1.5 square kilometers, the entire region together, has a population of nearly 200,000 jobs, Huawei's development and its upstream and downstream enterprises to have a strong effect banyan, with Toyota for Japan It is consistent with the value Koromo City.

    Shenzhen Satellite TV "first scene" column reporter Lee Formosa had recently visited the Toyota City. Toyota city, and everyone is docked door Toyota. Only Toyota employees can buy a house in the city, Toyota has been with this area, the city fused into one. It is understood that, in 1938 Toyota's manufacturing base and headquarters in Aichi prefecture in central Japan, a small town, in 1959 the town was renamed Toyota City. Today, Toyota City, about 30 square kilometers, a population of about 380,000, has become the world's leading automobile city.