Construction goal:

China to the valley of Jiashan science and technology park to "low carbon, high intelligence, Jiangnan" concept, with "innovation, green, harmony" as the principle of development, based on domestic and overseas, to talent as a leading industry based high-tech achievements to returned overseas students as the main body of the industrial development and the "double base" and strive to build high-rise buildings, the transition to high-end, high intelligence, high efficiency and low carbon "four high and one low" for the characteristics of the new upgrade Park, and strive to become Jiashan industrial transformation and upgrading of the "demonstration", "Zhigaodian talent agglomeration", expand the "fine City West point".

Industry orientation:

China to the valley of Jiashan science and Technology Park adhere to the high-end talent and high-tech leading industry development, to maximize the advantages of Shanghai and Jiashan, concentrated in emerging electronic information and bio medicine (medical devices), high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries, to provide space for the development of high-tech industrialization projects, promote the development of industrial clusters.

development planning: 

Chinese to the valley of Jiashan science and technology park planning a 1.01 square kilometers of land, 600 acres of demonstration area has been basically completed the construction of 2 square kilometers, two has completed the planning, infrastructure started, focus on the planning of the medical device industry area and data area of information industry; the future expansion of land use planning area of 10 square kilometers.

Environmental layout: 

China belongs to Jiashan science and Technology Park in the deep valley of Hangjiahu Plain historical and cultural heritage as the main line, make full use of the abundant water existing, the construction of multi-level plant landscape and wetland landscape, highlighting the green road construction, green landscape road connecting the industrial and residential areas, to achieve seamless traffic connection; focus on supporting functions, to ensure that the park staff can find a restaurant, post, bank, convenience stores and other supporting services in the distance of 500 meters.

Construction results:

China owned by Valley Science and Technology Park in Jiashan since the start of March 2011, park investment, Zhaocaiyinzhi "double action" and improve the "double" mu, the per capita output for the concept of agglomeration of high-tech industries and high-end talent. As of now, has successfully introduced 125 registered enterprises, a total investment of 3 billion 88 million yuan, is expected to put the average output value per capita output per mu, and tax revenue reached 7 million 800 thousand yuan, 800 thousand yuan, 800 thousand yuan. Has led the education of the country's thousands of experts plan to reach 36 people, Zhejiang, province, thousands of people plan expert 10, innovation in Jiaxing and the elite to lead the project leader talent project 22. Among them, the independent cultivation of thousands of 1 people, thousands of 6 people. The establishment of the WRSA - China Association of students in foreign country (Jiashan) base in Zhejiang Province, "thousands of people plan industrial park, Zhejiang Province Federation of overseas Chinese study practice base, Beijing overseas high-level talents to promote the industrialization base, characteristics of Zhejiang Development Zone brand Park and a number of high-end scientific research platform.

corporate culture

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